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Zacknet enables the user to download via satellite at speeds 10 to 20 times faster than the conventional Internet. It offers fast multicast services, which enable the user to freely access media rich websites even without the need to log into the Internet at all. Zacknet will download over 3000 MB of useful and productive web content including: Same as written in the leaflet.


  • Apple Power Macintosh G3

The new power Macintosh G3 computers speed through even the most demanding tasks at a lightning pace as it runs up to 400 megahertz. It comes with three available PCI Slots and two universal Serial Bus (USB) ports that support a wide variety cards and accessories featuring a fast Fire WIRE bus designed especially for connecting digital cameras and other high-speed devices.

  • Apple iMac

IMac combines the excitement of the Internet with the simplicity of a Macintosh. It offers advanced performance through its lightning-fast power PC G3 processor and integrated graphics accelerator. It features the Universal Serial Bus (USB), a high-speed connection standard that lets you easily attach periphearls such as printers, digital cameras, game-pads, joy-stick, or storage devices- without even having to shut down and restart your computer. To handle all your communications needs iMac comes with a speedy 56K internal modem for dial- up connections and offers quick and easy Internet access. It also includes built-in-high-speed Ethernet, which not only provides efficient LAN connection but also makes iMac ready for even faster communications technologies such as DSL and cable modems.